Community Center

Northbrae is a community center as well as a place for spiritual growth.  From our inception in 1914, we have been a community gathering space for events regardless of whether they are secular or religious, or have any affiliation with the Northbrae Community Church congregation.

Our rental community includes the people who rent offices full time, and also those who rent weekly for various classes and meetings.   We consider these people part of the Northbrae family.

Northbrae is a performance venue for community concerts, recitals, and lectures.  We also host board meetings, retreats, and workshops for a wide variety of community organizations. 

Northbrae has long been the place for weddings between couples from different religions or no religion at all.  Our ministers welcome such ceremonies in a multi-faith setting.  We also host memorials and receptions for all in the surrounding community.

We host Jewish congregations for high holy days as well as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Our chapel is inclusive of all religions.  In the past we have shared our facilities with a Jewish congregation and we hosted a large Buddhist group on Tuesday evenings.  

Our columbarium is open to all in the community and includes many who are not Northbrae members.

We  have many community partners associated with Northbrae that serve the surrounding community as a public service.

If you would like further information for holding any type of function or community gathering at Northbrae, visit the rental section of our website, call or email the office.

We hope those in the surrounding community will feel free to come and sit on one of our benches, have lunch on our front lawn, check out our gardens, and just enjoy Northbrae as a place to gather.

Please visit our Northbrae Area History page to view the colorful history of the Northbrae area of north Berkeley.

Northbrae Community Church