Community Partners

Here are Some of our Partners

American Red Cross of Alameda County and Berkeley Fire Department:  A community disaster preparedness building is located in the parking lot at Northbrea.  It contains emergency equipment for use by the surrounding community in the case of a disaster such as an earthquake.  It is administered by the Red Cross, Berkeley Fire Department and Northbrea. 

Thousand Oaks School:  Northbrae is a central evacuation point for the nearby Thousand Oaks Elementary School on Colusa Avenue.  In case of an emergency at the school where the children must be immediately evacuated, Northbrae is the central gathering place where children will be led and can be picked up by parents. 

Options for Recovery: An organization that assists recovering alcoholics and addicts.

Community Streets:  We provide storage space for the Community Streets program to keep the upper Solano Avenue area clean and safe.

Voting Location:  Northbrae has long been a central voting location for the Northbrae area.

Northbrae Community Church