We invite you to join us in worship in the chapel at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. Everyone is welcome.

You can also watch live on YouTube or view our archived services. We’d love for you to join us in person or virtually.  

Each week we are inspired by
readings from the sacred texts of diverse spiritual traditions,
sacred stories from our own life journeys,
times of reflection, meditation and contemplation,
inspiring music,
commitments to work for social justice,
affirmations to serve the Berkeley community and beyond.

We open our hearts and minds to the mystery of life itself. We seek to deepen our spiritual experience and understanding. We hope to nurture wisdom and compassion and strengthen our commitment to service.

For Visitors

We are located at the top of Solano Avenue in Berkeley at 941 The Alameda.  Our parking lot is accessible from both Solano Avenue and Los Angeles Avenue. We gather for worship in the chapel which is nestled behind Haver Hall and is easily accessible from the parking lot.

Our services last between 60 and 75 minutes. Dress is casual. Visitors are warmly invited to join us for coffee, tea, treats, and conversation after the service.

I love the recognition that we all have “Sacred Stories” worth sharing.

Carol Anne Fusco

Sacred Stories

Suzanne Baptiste, Be Curious
Jay Miyazaki, War Stories
Barb Foster, Trains

I think the glue that holds Northbrae people together is that every member can have a different take on religion, and everyone respects what that might be. There is a curiosity about various world religions, and a willingness to hear other personal beliefs. Some people want more Jesus in the sermons, and some want none, and yet that is never fought over…. Dogma and creeds that are central to other churches are excluded at Northbrae. It is a safe place to discuss anything about Christianity or religion or one’s own personal beliefs. When someone asks what Northbrae stands for, there is no clear answer. Each of the members can decide that for themselves.

John O.

To live in a multi-religious community and world requires cooperation, knowledge and understanding.  If you ground that with a gentle but solid Christian background, you can create a Faith atmosphere that works in today’s complicated world. I have found this for 30 years at Northbrae Community Church!

Ruth B.

Photos from our Worship Services

Founded in 1914 and steadfastly nondenominational since 1928, Northbrae seeks to offer a spiritual home to all seekers, and to serve as a community resource for the entire area.

Northbrae Community Church