Memorials at Northbrae

We are happy to offer the Cross Memorial Chapel for memorial services as our calendar allows.  Our minister is available as well.  She will consult with you regarding the service.  Check with the Church Office about specific dates and times. 

Memorial Service by Northbrae Minister or Family/Friends

There are any number of ways to hold a memorial or celebration of life at Northbrae. Frequently, families and loved ones will book the Chapel for the service, and either the Parlor (up to 80 guests) or in Haver Hall (up to 250 guests) for a reception afterwards. See our rental venues page for details and pricing.


Guest officiant(s) are welcome to perform memorial services at Northbrae. If you would like Northbrae’s minister to perform the service, please schedule an appointment with the minister through our office. The minister will work with you to create a ceremony. The minister will want to obtain information, recollections, etc. about the person to be remembered. If there are favorite songs (or preferred styles of music) to be played, or favorite poems or readings for the minister to incorporate into the service or to be read by others, bring these to the consultation with the minister. The minister’s fee is $300.


Northbrae can provide an organist or pianist for memorials. The fee is $300.

Notes on Use of Northbrae facilities:​

As a community church, Northbrae is open to anyone for landmark celebrations. We feel this kind of ministry is important. We agree to provide facilities during the hours of your rental. Other events scheduled by the church make it impossible to extend the contracted time. Additionally, Northbrae may be involved in repairs, remodeling or renovations of our facilities and gardens from time to time. We make every effort not to have these activities interfere with your event, and to have our facilities in order and ready for your usage. Nevertheless, Northbrae makes no guarantee as to the condition of the grounds and facilities due to renovation and unforeseen repair.

Northbrae Community Church