Who We Are

I find this to be a really special spiritual community. When I was looking for a community, I wanted it to be free of lots of dogma so I could work on my own relationship with the Divine- yet with others. I certainly found it at Northbrae. This place walks their talk. I like to think they anticipated an inclusive future when they incorporated a rainbow in the stained glass in 1958!

Suzanne B.

If you are wondering about a description of Northbrae as a spiritual community — you are not alone! We have been asking ourselves this question since we ceased being a Presbyterian church in 1928. We are still searching for a concise answer.

We know ourselves to be spiritual seekers who accept other people’s loving beliefs and we like to explore questions. Many of us have been wounded by dogma of strict belief systems. Several members are “spiritually fluid” meaning they don’t identify as solely one spiritual tradition. Our services reflect this.

Most members have been raised Christian and still identify as such. One member coined the term “gently Christian.” Our services and music have many Christian elements though we include music and readings from many religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions.

We believe and work towards social justice. We partner with organizations such as the Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center and Options for Recovery that provide direct services to the community.

From the September 18, 2022 service, two graduates from Options for Recovery spoke about their journeys.

Vanderick Towns, Personal story
Kim Chavez, Personal story


Northbrae is a welcoming and diverse community of spiritual seekers inspired by Christian roots, receptive to all faiths and personal beliefs and committed to service for our community with reverence for all humanity and the Earth.


Provide a warm and loving welcome for spiritual exploration and growth.  Expand multi-faith and educational programs relevant to present and future generations to help create a just and sustainable world.  ​Build a vibrant community gathering place for all people.

As a nondenominational church, a nine-member council elected by Northbrae members governs Northbrae.

Community Center

In addition to being a spiritual community, Northbrae is also a community center.

We provide our facilities for a wide variety of community groups and events, regardless of religious affiliation, or none at all. For most of our 100 plus year history, we have been a central gathering place for the surrounding community. This has been our mission from the beginning. For details see the Community Center page.

Northbrae Community Church