Northbrae Columbarium

The columbarium lies at the far corner of The Sacred Hoop Garden and is available to people of all faiths and cultures.

The columbarium and garden are open for meditation and rest most days, and also by appointment. For specific information contact the church office. The columbarium is featured in this Berkeleyside article.

​LOCATION:   The columbarium is located in the corner of a large meditation garden located outside the church sanctuary and known as the Sacred Hoop Garden.

ELIGIBILITY:   Anyone wishing to inter the cremains of a loved one may apply.  Northbrae Community Church is an independent church without affiliation with any denomination or other religious organization, with the intent to serve all in the surrounding community.  All are welcome.

NICHES:   The columbarium includes 80 individual niches. Each niche is 5” x 5” x 16” deep.  A granite cover plate is engraved with the name and date of birth and death.  A custom stainless-steel urn is provided for each niche.  The buyer can select the niche in order of purchase date, once the initial payment is received.

PLAQUES:   For those who have other burial arrangements but want to be remembered in this North Berkeley area, a 6” x 6” bronze plaque can be purchased.  The plaques are located on the stone wall adjacent to the columbarium.

COST:   The cost of a niche is $5,500.  Of this amount $4,485 Is a tax-deductible donation to the church.  The cost of a plaque is $1,500.  Of this amount $1,300 is tax deductible.  The cost of a niche includes one urn, opening and closing of the niche for interment, the niche cover plate and its inscription, and perpetual care.  The cost of cremation and filling of the urn is not included.  Niches can be pre-purchased. Payment can be made with terms over a time period not to exceed three years, but full payment must be received before the interment. 

INTERMENT CEREMONY:   A simple ceremony to inter the urn in the niche is included.   Northbrae Community Church can provide memorial services separately from the interment, as arranged with the minister.

PROCEDURES AND RULES:  Interment of cremated remains is a legal proceeding governed by a number of state regulations.  A member of the Northbrae Columbarium Committee will provide guidance from the time we are contacted until this interment is complete.  We will provide the necessary forms and assist with their completion and filing.  The buyer must agree to a set of written Rules and Regulations provided by Northbrae.  The columbarium is administered by the Columbarium Committee under the authority of the Northbrae Church Council. Permanent records will be kept at the church. 

For more information, please contact the church office.

Northbrae Community Church