Rental Venues and Rates for Meetings and Events

Northbrae Community Church offers rooms for rent to the community. Popular events include weddings, memorials, anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and other milestone events, classes, seminars, and a wide variety of community gatherings, both large and small.

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The chapel is a spacious A-frame building with traditional pews and beautiful stained-glass windows on three sides.  It is ideal for weddings, memorials, religious events, concerts, and meetings. 

The building is newly carpeted with 34 pews and additional seating in the stage area for a capacity of 300 people.  It is constructed of redwood, stone, and glass.  It includes an organ, piano, pulpit, and lecterns.  The new tile floor in the stage area provides excellent acoustics for musical performances. A new high quality sound system uses a wireless iPad mixer and can accommodate up to nine microphones.  Ceremonies can be live streamed and recorded by Northbrae using a multiple camera system.  A projector and screen are also available for videos and slideshows.  The chapel is wheelchair accessible.  A 37-space parking lot is located on the north side with additional street parking all around the campus.

The 3,500 square foot building includes beautiful full height stained-glass window on both ends, and additional stained-glass windows on one side depicting major world religions, and full height sliding glass doors on the fourth side looking out on a walled garden.  A removable cross, menorah, and torch can be placed on the alter, symbolizing the Christian, Jewish, and other religious traditions from which Northbrae draws its religious perspective of openness.

Haver Hall is a large meeting hall with a stage and adjoining kitchen. It is ideal for receptions, anniversary celebrations, and all types of community gatherings.

The room has high ceilings and a low rise stage with 3,144 square feet of space and a capacity of 250 people for theater seating and 150 for dining.  The room includes a baby grand piano, and large pull-down screen.  A projector is available for videos and slideshows.  The sound system can accommodate six microphones and has a portable wireless iPad mixer. Events can be live streamed by Northbrae and recorded. The raised stage includes stage lighting.  200 matching padded folding chairs are available.  Twenty-one round tables and 21 rectangular tables can accommodate multiple dining configurations.  The floor is vinyl tile. 

A large commercial kitchen adjoins Haver Hall, see Kitchen section for details.  Haver Hall is often used in combination with the Chapel, Parlor, and Kitchen for large catered events such as weddings, memorials, and anniversaries.

Haver Hall is wheelchair accessible.  Two newly remodeled restrooms are located on the first floor (one wheelchair accessible) and two additional restrooms are upstairs.  Windows are located on three sides.  One side opens to the 37-space parking lot with additional street parking all around the campus.

The Parlor is a warm and inviting carpeted room with fireplace and large bay windows, ideal for smaller community events.

The 1,050 square foot room has high ceilings and a capacity of 80 people. It can be provided with fully padded folding chairs, folding tables, a piano, portable lectern, portable screen, and whiteboard.  It directly adjoins the kitchen and can be used for dining.  It also opens to the entry and chapel, and is often used in combination with the Chapel and Haver Hall for large catered events such as weddings, memorials, and anniversaries.  It is wheelchair accessible.

The commercial Kitchen is directly adjacent to Haver Hall, the Parlor, and the parking lot.  It is ideal for catering large and small events in the adjoining rooms for up to 150 people. 

The Kitchen includes stainless steel counters, 12 gas burners, 4 gas ovens, a kitchen hood, three sinks, coffee makers, a commercial dishwasher, a commercial refrigerator, and freezer.  A number of rules apply to use of the kitchen by caterers.

Kitchen Option 1:  $50 per day for use of counter space and available fridge space for preparation of light refreshments. No use of dishwasher, dishes, utensils, pots and pans, or coffee pots.

Kitchen Option 2:  $150 per day for use of kitchen for potluck meals, including ovens to warm pre-prepared food and coffee pots. No use of Northbrae dishes, utensils, pots and pans.

Kitchen Option 3:  Catered meals. Consult with the office. Caterers must be approved by the office and have insurance for damage.

The Gallery is a large and airy room upstairs, ideal for meetings.  The 960 square foot room has a capacity for 80 people and is accessible by either the central staircase or a private exterior staircase. 

There is no elevator to the 2nd floor.  The room is fully carpeted and windows line the entire south facing wall.  The room can be set up with a unique semicircular table arrangement with padded chairs, or folding chairs, or other table/chair configurations. 

A small kitchenette and two newly remodeled restrooms are directly adjacent to the Gallery.  The entire suite of rooms with separate 2nd floor entrance make for a very private meeting area.

The Conference Room on the 2nd floor is ideal for meetings with 8 to 15 people.  This 550 square foot room is carpeted with windows on the north wall.  This room includes a children’s play area beyond a room divider. It has a large conference table with 8 chairs with room for additional folding chairs, and a large wall mounted monitor for Zoom meetings.  It is accessed by the central staircase and there is no elevator to the 2nd floor.   Two newly remodeled restrooms and a kitchenette are located nearby.

The Sacred Hoop Garden is ideal for small outdoor weddings, memorials, meditation groups, and private meetings, accommodating up to 30 people. 

The Sacred Hoop Garden includes 2,000 square feet of native plants enclosed by a six-foot-tall stone wall.  It is dedicated in memory of the indigenous people that once lived here.  The centerpiece is a medicine wheel circled by sitting rocks. 

A columbarium is tucked in one corner.   It is a very private, beautiful, and sacred space.

The 37-space parking lot is located between the Chapel, Haver Hall, and the Dandelion preschool.  A portion of it can be rented for outdoor events when not needed for parking.  It has been used for outdoor meetings, overflow seating and tables for weddings and memorials, outdoor yard sales, and staging for Hollywood movies.


Contact the Northbrae Administrator at the church office (510) 526-3805 to book your event. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 1 pm. Our office administrator can also be reached by phone or email at Ask about special offers for weekday rental rates and sponsorship/partnership opportunities with Northbrae.

Events in the Chapel, Haver Hall, and/or the Parlor occurring on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday must be rented for a minimum of 4 hours.

Include setup time before events and cleanup time after events in the hours the space will be used.

Northbrae spaces are available for rentals between 10 AM and 10 PM Monday-Saturday, and between 2 PM and 10 PM on Sundays. Please contact the office to find out if the date and time you are interested in is available.

Live streaming and video recording by Northbrae staff with Northbrae equipment: $300 per hour for 2 hours or less, $100 per hour for each additional hour. Available Saturdays and Sundays only.

Use of Northbrae projector: $50 per event


A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to confirm use of the space. The deposit is applied to the balance of fees which are payable 30 days prior to the event. Checks should be made out to Northbrae Community Church. An additional $200 cleaning deposit may be charged for very large events. This deposit is refunded after the event is completed unless the event is cancelled less than 30 days before the event is to occur, or if there is damage or cleaning required after the event, or if excessive noise is not reduced after a warning from Northbrae staff. It is the responsibility of the renter to remove all waste and clean the space after the event. If damage to Northbrae property occurs and/or if additional cleaning is required and the dollar amount is in excess of the deposit, the renter will be charged by Northbrae for the excess amount. The cleaning deposit will be refunded by Northbrae within 30 days after the rooms are checked for damage and cleaning.

Northbrae Event Host:  A Northbrae event host will be present to assist with the event and must be present during the hours of your use.  The event host will be responsible for opening and locking the building.  If your function takes place during regular church office hours, Northbrae staff may serve as your event host.  Otherwise our Night Host during weekdays and Weekend Host during weekends will assist.

Setup and Cleanup:  Our event host or Northbrae staff will be responsible for putting up tables and chairs, setting up microphones, providing a podium, etc.  To do this we must have a room diagram at least one week in advance or we will assume you will do your own setup at the beginning of your reserved time.  After your event, please break down your tables and chairs and put them away and sweep the floor.  Trash should be placed in garbage bags and placed outside in the dumpster.  You are responsible for setup of decorations or equipment your group brings in immediately before the event and remove immediately after.

Closing Time:  Northbrae closes no later than 10 PM.  The rooms used must be completely cleaned up and inspected by the host by 10 PM.  Therefore, large events with extensive cleaning, sound equipment, and decorations must end at approximately 9 PM to allow time for cleanup, and smaller events with less cleanup by no later than 9:30 PM. 

Kitchen Use:  Please arrange for use of the kitchen in advance.  In some instances more than one group may be using the kitchen at the same time for preparation of refreshments.  We ask your courtesy and cooperation in sharing kitchen use.

Noise:  Events at Northbrae must comply with the City of Berkeley Sound Ordinances (Chapter 13.40 Community Noise, Berkeley Municipal Code).  Northbrae is situated in a residential area and we are very sensitive to maintaining a sensible and legal sound limit.  If sound anywhere on the campus exceeds the noise limit prescribed by the Berkeley code, or if a neighbor complains, you will be warned by the Northbrae host to reduce the sound level.  If amplified sound is used, you will be warned to turn is down.  If unacceptable sound levels persist, the amplified sound will be turned off.  The code also prohibits loud or raucous yelling, shouting, etc. that causes a noise disturbance.

Alcohol:  Wine, beer, and champagne are allowed to be served at Northbrae events if not used in excess.  Liquor other than champagne is not allowed at events.

Other Rules:

  1. Include setup time and cleanup time in your request for use of the room.
  2. Caterers have access to the kitchen 2 hours prior to the scheduled hours of your use.
  3. Observe Northbrae rules for use of the common areas of the building.
  4. If your event is other than a wedding reception, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, baptism, reception, or rehearsal dinner, provide your organization’s current tax exemption number.  It must be on file with us.
  5. The nursery is not available for child care unless arrangements are made through the office for use of that room, a fee is paid for the room, and you secure a competent child care person.
  6. When you make arrangements for use of a room, your use includes that area, the nearest entrances to the area, the surrounding hall, and the restrooms.  Often more than one group will be meeting at the same time and we ask that you and your group respect the needs of others.
  7. Let us know of your intention to use the piano in the room you have scheduled.  Pianos are located in the Chapel, Haver Hall, and Parlor.  No moving of pianos is allowed under any circumstances except by Northbrae staff.  If you wish to have a piano tuned to your specifications, you may do so at your own expense after consulting and scheduling the tuning with the church office.
  8. Decorations, signs, and posters may not be attached to any wallpaper or plaster, but may be attached to wood surfaces with easily removable tape.
  9. No smoking is permitted in the buildings.  We ask that your group members use consideration when they smoke outside of our buildings, and not litter the entry areas with discarded cigarettes, etc.
  10. Northbrae may be involved with repairs, remodeling, or renovations of our facilities and/or gardens from time to time.  We will make every effort not to have these projects interfere with your activities.  Nevertheless, Northbrae will make no guarantees as to the condition of grounds and/or facilities due to remodeling, renovations, or unforeseen repairs.
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